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New siding installation job - American Horizon
Front view of home with new siding

Welcome to the American Horizon Siding Section.

When you see your home after beautiful siding has been installed you will hardly believe it to be the same home. There has been so much improvement made in the quality of vinyl siding since its origin. Many years ago it was all aluminum siding. Today, there are many different qualities and styles from which to choose. When we remodel a home with top quality siding such as Certainteed, be assured you are receiving high-grade product. New shutters and new seamless gutters. We offer and can suggest different designs, styles and color combinations to give you the look you have been looking for.

Dutch Lap or Straight (regular), Log Cabin or Stone, Cedar Shake or Vertical just to name a few. The top grade siding comes with insulation adhered to the back of the siding. We will use a fan fold insulation on regular siding. Some siding has a blended in together color, which is the most beautiful siding I have seen throughout the years. It is quite original also. If you do not want your house to look like your neighbor’s house then that siding would be perfect for you. Additionally, if you have seen a color on a home that you like then no problem. I am sure we can get you that color. If you have any special ideas in mind, American Horizon is a company that listens.

Click on the Certainteed Siding link on our Home page for specific styles and colors or give us a call and we will bring some samples to you. All these years and we still get tremendous satisfaction transforming a home with new vinyl siding. Adding energy efficiency and value after the upgrade it is like looking at a brand new home.


Whether you choose the basic standard siding or the top premium grade, we can meet any budget. Please do not forget our financing option. Remember, Arnie will personally meet with any insurance representatives or homeowners association if approval for any specific colors or styles are required. He will also be meeting you personally to help in any design questions or suggestions.  We know you are busy. We have found that most associations are very easy to deal with. (Especially when we already know ahead of time what they require.) They just do not want anything too wild.   

We are very specific in all the minor details right down to the length and size of the nails we will be using on your new siding. We also do the small "Trim" jobs such as soffit and fascia work or gutters and downspouts so please call if you have any questions or if you need pricing on a small job. If we do not do the specific work you want, being born and raised in Baltimore we know who the good companies that do good work for honest prices are would be happy to refer you to a good company.

At American Horizon, we have a vast array of different types of siding to improve your home's exterior. Whatever you envision, contact us, and we can make it happen. Let us take your idea and make it a reality. We even offer insulated siding for better energy-efficiency in your home. Call us for your FREE estimate for new siding.

Thank you for visiting the Siding Section of American Horizon.

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