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Welcome To American Horizon Roofing Section

We all know how much of a headache a leaky roof creates. A bad roof is probably 1 of the situations that can cause other significant damage in other areas that will wind up costing you the homeowner more money for new wood and drywall and painting. So lets get that roof taken care of now at a minimum cost. As you  may already know by now, it starts with a top quality roofing shingle by GAF. GAF roofs have been in business since 1886. Good for them. That tells me they are doing something right. Personally we believe GAF shingles are the BEST shingles made. They believe in creating American jobs and they won "The Women's Choice Award" in 2012. So you will feel assured that you are getting the very best job. They have earned "THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING AWARD" since 1909.

GAF is also North America's largest roofing manufacturer. If all companies took some notes about this company then maybe we here in the U.S.A. would start seeing some manufacturing jobs return home.

Whether it is the regular 3 tab shingle or the Lifetime Warranty Architecural shingles you will be getting the best. Just like siding or window jobs, we also want your roof to look nice. Besides the obvious factor of protection and energy efficiency of your home we believe every aspect of your home including the roof should have a beautiful appearance. As mentioned in other sections about experience, well you can not beat 127 years of experience. They have stood the test of time. They have won so many awards throughout the years. You may think we are a spokes-person for this company because we are saying so many good things about them. But we are not. We here at American Horizon just firmly believe in using top quality products for our homeowners (and at a low and affordable price).

You may choose the best roof made for the Lifetime Warranty if you are going to be living in your home for a long time. But if you want to get a new roof and keep the cost down because you may be moving to another home in the near future then we are certain we can fit any budget or need you may have. Remember we are not here to sell you something you do not need. American Horizon does not have salesmen making commissions. We do not have telemarketers calling the public. We want to keep the cost down for you. We are looking to save you money. We will give you different options and prices. Then you can decide. NO PRESSURE !!!!!

Protect your home from water damage with a new roof. American Horizon offers both regular and architectural shingled roofs. With our roofing installation services, your roof will be installed by our expert roofers, who are the very best in the industry. Our team ensures that every job gets done right the first time to prevent leaks and soft spots. We also remove all old existing shingles to make certain of no rotten wood.

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